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Monday, November 26, 2007

Quick Report from 11/16 - 11/18 Part 2

Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem,

Asalam alaikum everone,

After the shootings was done we were planning to do the following steps with the raw footages:

1. Will create a back up and send the raw footage to the editor (Yusuf Khan) and another one to Rami.

2. We can use DVD formats. The footage should be around 60GB. We can either burn to DVD's (2-3 copies of each) which would mean around 15 DVDs per set.

3. The best idea is to get a pair of passports (Western Digital small sized, large capacity, hard drives). If we get the small hard drives, 2 is a good number and maybe 250gb size.

After editing the film we will decide to redo some shots or not. At this moment we have some scenes that we are thinking to redo them:

1. College campus scene (because of darkness, and my poor acting --and yes Yusuf, I was the "Caucasian male" Paul.).

2. Basketball dolly scene as well as the pass-shoot scene inside the court.

3. When Hassan came in from outside and slept on the couch when he was deaf, we needed to show him looking at a Quran, or ayah or something. For this one, all we would need is for him to look above the cam, and for us to get a static shot of an ayah in the Quran about arrogance as a poster on the wall or something. We also need to choose which ayah to use (and subtitle translates it of course).

4. Outside shot of VERY simply car driving by, maybe pan, maybe just static. We might even be able to take this shot from other footage of when he ran out and we had to wait. This is for when he goes outside and he looks at "all the people, etc" and we decided he looks at cars.

The most important step is seeing what we have (after editing) we failed to emphasize how vital it is to have footage review every couple of scenes, but we were not really setup to do so. But insha’Allah it was a lesson for us.

Jazakum Allah.

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