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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Equipment, Post Production, and I.C.E.

Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem,


We will inshallah be using the Canon XL2 camera

as mentioned in an earlier entry but with a 35mm Lens Adapter, the Brevis35!

This will give the movie a much more professional feel, as you will inshallah see. We will be using the adapter with Nikon lenses; a 50mm F/1.4,

and an 85mm F/1.8

So since we now have a set date and we will finish the production, inshallah, by Nov 20th, we will be moving on to Post Production where everything is compiled, edited, and finalized. This is always a challenging phase for Indie films. The reason is that anyone can shoot a scene, grab their cam and shoot something, and get some folks together and mess around with a camera. The difference is in producing a movie that is of good quality and actually finishing it to a point where it is watchable, and that's where Post Production comes into play. It is a big part of the process, to put it simply.

May Allah bless this project and enable us to produce a professional, elegant movie that will help us continue towards our vision of making I.C.E. (Islamically Clean Entertainment) a reality.


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