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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

TNC Objectives

Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem,

Asalam alaikum everyone,

These are the main objectives for the making of “Tomorrow Never Comes”. Keep in mind these steps are subject to change based on funds, locations, availability, resources etc… If anyone wants to make any changes or add any suggestions, please feel free to do so. Baraka Allahu feekum wa salam alaikum.


The script was posted in Elance. We get some bids, found the best candidate, and reviewed the script. Elance ROCKS! The script is open for any changes and modification by any volunteers. Currently Brother Sufaan, Kashif and Hsuaina are reviewing it again.


The script is done. We needed storyboard for the film. We posted up on Elance and the prices were too high. So we decided that if we can get a director, then he can make those arrangements for the storyboard. Since brother Sufyaan will be our director for the film we will let him decide what should be done with storyboard,


Location for filming is the key. We need to breakdown our script and figure out where we have access to film. Mostly it will be filmed somewhere in California!


Through selling wristbands, DVDs, and UF shirts we were able to raise money to buy equipment and to fund our short films. These are the following equipments we have so far:

1. Canon xl2 camera
2. Sennheiser wireless microphone.
3. Shotgun microphone.
4. 3 500 watt soft boxes,
5. Large reflector with stand.
6. Green screen.
7. Firestone fs-100, lens filters.
8. Wide angle lens.
9. Clapboard.


Some Brothers will act in this film at the same time we might advertise this film as a student film and we’re going to try to pull in others by "credit only" marketing. Thus, this will give the opportunity for inspiring actors and music composers to work with us to build up their resume, and get their own copy of the film for free so they can put it up on the web. The goal is to get the film shot with two high end cameras (3 CCD cameras) and that will give the actors film quality video to showcase their skills Insha’Allah. We need to figure out where we can audition for and more importantly we need to figure out how to audition people. I leave this up to Brother Sufyaan, since he knows some contacts through his work in directing and production.

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